I am already almost two years here in the US but, I only meet one Filipino. I met her in Orlando when me and hubby went to a Pizza Restaurant and from then on, we communicate through cellphone. Thereare times that I invited her to our party and we go malling. It is really nice to see your Kababayan in a foreign land. It is so good to hang out with someone we can mingle with all the “kalokohan” LOL. Today, I went to Walmart and I was so glad that I found another Filipino. She works as a cashier. Well, I hope I can mingle with her and get to know her more.


When I arrived in the US, I was overwhelmed with sadness especially when my husband left for work and I have to stay home alone. Every morning and evening, I talked to my family in the Philippines. After that, I am alone in the house. All I did was watch TV and listen to the music. I also surf the internet about anything. But then, boredome fills my world because I am used to having friends and stay at the mall after work. I realized that too much of everything is tiring. When I work 8 hours and arrived so exhausted, I wished for relaxation. I thought that having a time for myself to just stay in the bed would be more nicer. I was wrong. After 2 months, I did wish to have that tiring job than stay at home. Will my husband permit me?

So this is Blogging

Since I woke up, I have my meals beside my PC. This is my first time that I never went out my room. I have my fridge in my bedroom and my cappuccino maker so, what else do I need? Nothing! Besides, its weekend and I have time to surf the net. Nothing to say for now but, hopefully tomorrow, my imaginations will bring me to issues to tackle. Until then.