I am already almost two years here in the US but, I only meet one Filipino. I met her in Orlando when me and hubby went to a Pizza Restaurant and from then on, we communicate through cellphone. Thereare times that I invited her to our party and we go malling. It is really nice to see your Kababayan in a foreign land. It is so good to hang out with someone we can mingle with all the “kalokohan” LOL. Today, I went to Walmart and I was so glad that I found another Filipino. She works as a cashier. Well, I hope I can mingle with her and get to know her more.


When I arrived in the US, I was overwhelmed with sadness especially when my husband left for work and I have to stay home alone. Every morning and evening, I talked to my family in the Philippines. After that, I am alone in the house. All I did was watch TV and listen to the music. I also surf the internet about anything. But then, boredome fills my world because I am used to having friends and stay at the mall after work. I realized that too much of everything is tiring. When I work 8 hours and arrived so exhausted, I wished for relaxation. I thought that having a time for myself to just stay in the bed would be more nicer. I was wrong. After 2 months, I did wish to have that tiring job than stay at home. Will my husband permit me?

Behind The Shadow

I am compelled to post this photo because I like it. We see a silhouette of a person only. We have this silhouette in us. There are times in our lives that we want to hide with in our shadow. It is better this way; nobody will judge us, right? People will see us in a passive way. But, life is not like that. We have to mingle and belong.If we want others to accept us, we have to blend with them. Keep up with them. But, the choice of group that we wanted to belong can be a good one or can shift our lives in a negative path. We have our choices and it’s up to you which path to take. Was there a time in our lives that because of our arrogance, we judged the person according to the physical aspect and the wrong choices they make? Sometimes, we are judgmental as if we are righteous. We should sometimes consider that they are human and vulnerable to feel pain.Behind the shadow of every person, there lies the true self. No matter how we dressed up good or pretend that we are okay or superior to anyone around, in the darkness, we have fears. The fear of rejection, the feeling of loneliness and we wanted to avoid these. Either way, behind the shadow of our being, we should not forget that acceptance is the key to happiness. Be contented of what you have. If you feel rejection from others, accept it and move on. If others don’t want you in, don’t push yourself. On the other side of the coin, don’t judge the person according to their physical attributes. Give importance of the character of a person. That is the key to win a friend and to belong.