After the mass, I log in to my FB account using my iPad. Then, I received a private email from a friend. He never shared his vulnerability to me before but, he just open up and said he’s hurting. I am the type of friend who gives importance of  comforting and taking time to listen. It runs both ways for me because I will understand LIFE’s ups and downs then, it gives me peace of mind that someone can sleep thinking he is worthy as a person. When we love someone and at the end it caused us so much Pain then, we should LET GO. We need to love ourselves first and extend it to others. If the person don’t love us back and we insist, it’s not love. It probably is Selfishness and it will shatter our lives before we realize it all. The pain in matters of heart has no cure if we let it control our lives. Let it go and let the person be. Pain will be gone as the Time goes by. Love will find you in an unexpected places and time. Just enjoy LIFE and let LIFE burn you with so much LOVE!