Qualities of a Mother

What are the qualities of a mother? A mother is nurturing, gentle, protective, compassionate, understanding, supportive and most of all loving. These are the attributes of a mother. Are these descriptions enough? If this is true then, anyone can be a mother. But wait, a mother can also be these: good listener, patient, humble, guiding light, source of strength, good and always think of the good for the children. All the positive adjectives will surely fit to define a mother. I am so blessed to have my mother. She has these qualities too.

What are the qualities of a mother? Cory Aquino. That will be my answer. That is my short and concise description of a mother. Why?
When I was in 5th grade, the father of my close classmate was murdered. They are 8 children in the family and their father left them a bakery and jeepney business. The family cried rivers for their loss and the mother suffered from depression. Because of that depression, she mismanaged their business and they go bankrupt. Cory Aquino lost her husband and what makes it harder was the corrupt government was the enemy. If she was just an ordinary woman, she would dive into depression too. But, because of her motherly instinct, she stood on her ground. A mother should be the source of strength and hope for her children. Cory Aquino proven that she needs to be strong to make the family survive. When she was diagnosed of having a cancer, she never asks God why? In fact, we saw the milestones of her life as a devotee of Mama Mary. Her faith of God was never shaken. She prays the rosary until the last breath of her life. Her patience is very admirable and that what makes her the mother of the nation.